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No, I don't think they might be a good choice. A Tegu might destroy a mouse, however, if it was a significant rat, he would almost certainly leave it alone. A substantial constrictor might look after them in your case, but additionally may possibly escape.

Reproduction happens when the animals arise from their brumation time period in the spring. Mating can take spot more than a handful of months, and the female commences constructing her nest a couple of 7 days soon after mating. Nests are fairly significant, and may be 3 toes throughout and a pair of – 3 ft tall.

After you purchase a Colombian tegu from us, you receive our 100% ironclad Are living arrival promise. Make sure you read the main points of our ensure prior to purchasing.

We have a Tegu difficulty from the Everglades on account of inexperienced and irresponsible entrepreneurs that let this animals free when they get also massive.

Argentine Tegu Temperament: When younger these lizards can be very anxious and skittish, but with perseverance and frequent dealing with when they are young they may become quite docile animals. As these lizards grow larger they may turn out to be more docile.

This tegu emanates from a much hotter weather when compared to the Argentine black and white. Though it exhibits a really equivalent black-and-white coloration, it truly is scaled-down, rising to three½ to 4 ft in size, and its skin includes a smoother texture that's not as pebbly as the Argentine species. The most noticeable difference between the two black and white species is the Colombian’s one loreal scale as compared to the two on all Argentine tegus (loreal scales would be the scales in between the nostril and also the eye). A lot of Colombian tegus is not going to turn into as tame since the Argentine species, but this will depend on the keeper.

Argentine “blues” are reportedly somewhat smaller than other types of S. merianae, Though some are actually recognised to succeed in four to 5 feet. They can be differentiated from the opposite kinds by their black noses and also the black teardrops down below the two eyes.

Brittany, as long as you are ready to go to the further price (like using a definitely significant cage for your Tegu) they are okay to start out with. Best of luck.

But albino tegus, for my part, are one of the most attractive of your tegus. Perhaps fears pertaining to their All round wellness may be alleviated if in the future only potent and healthy albinos are bred collectively through selective breeding. Try to find these intriguing creatures to become ever more accessible from the pet market as need for them grows.

My Tegu does don a collar (all over his midsection, not his neck) And that i depart it on him every one of the time. I only place his leash on when He's strolling round the property or exterior inside the entrance lawn.

Here are a few recommendations for Everything you can feed your Tegu. Don't be concerned if you receive things a little Completely wrong. Tegus are forgiving, and not going to build nutritional illnesses like Iguanas and Another lizards.

Hi I was wondering if you meant he actually had to be able to go down/dig in his cage and I had been also thinking whether it is discouraged to have a person of such in southern canada

Most of the enlcosures proposed are much larger, so Even get more info though you get a little one remember that these guys get genuinely significant, and if you do not possess the Place a small lizard is better.

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